Roast Best End Of Lamb With Savory Potatoes

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 1¼ hours. Oven temperature: 220°C reducing to 180°C. Temperature at center of joint: 63-65°C.


— prepared best ends of lamb
— 10 portions savory potatoes
— 1 liters brown stock for gravy


(1) Roast the best ends of lamb as in Roast Sirloin.

(2) During the last 10 minutes of cooking, place the meat on top of the almost cooked savoury potatoes.

(3) Serve the best ends of lamb on top of the savory potatoes previously cooked in earthenware dishes. Serve on an underdish accompanied by a sauceboat of roast gravy.

(1) In trade practice the lamb and savory potatoes are sometimes cooked separately. The best ends are carved and served arranged criss-cross fashion on top of the potatoes.

(2) Dripping from the roast lamb is sometimes used in place of butter when cooking the savory potatoes.

(3) Whilst roasting the best ends need to be turned during cooking.

(4) If the best ends curl during roasting, it is generally because the sinew that runs along the back of the eye of the joint has not been removed.