Poached Brill Steak With Melted Butter

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 8-10 minutes.


— 5 liters water
— 2 lemons
— 5 grams salt
— 10 x 180 grams brill steaks
— 150 grams beurre fondu
— 3 lemons
— brigs of parsley
— 10 plain boiled potatoes


(1) Boil the water, lemon juice and salt.
(2) Place in the prepared cuts of fish. Bring back to boiling point, skim and gently simmer until cooked.
(3) Remove from the cooking liquid. Drain and remove the skin and the centre bone.
(4) Dress on a serving dish with a little of the cooking liquid. Garnish with slices of lemon, picked parsley and the plain boiled potatoes.
(5) Serve the beurre fondu separately in a sauceboat.

There are four ways of serving fish prepared in this way:
(a) on an oval silver or stainless steel flat dish;
(b) on a white earthenware dish with underdish and dish paper;
(c) on an oval silver or stainless steel flat dish with special inbuilt strainer;
(d) on a table napkin on an oval fiat dish of silver or stainless steel.

Assessment of the completed dish:

(1) The fish should be white in appearance.
(2) The flavor should be delicate and fresh.
(3) The fish should be moist and flaky in texture, perfectly formed and not distorted.
(4) The centre bone and dark skin should have been removed without causing the fish to break.
(5) The correct standard portion is approximately 180 g.
(6) The garnish of parsley sprigs should be clean and fresh in appearance and the lemon slices should be evenly and neatly cut.
(7) A little of the cooking liquid should accompany the fish on the dish in which it is served.
(8) There should be two or three white plain boiled barrelshaped potatoes per portion.
(9) The accompanying sauce should be served separately in a sauceboat.