What is Marinade and How is it Made?

The marinade is an acid solution consisting of red wine, oil, herbs, vegetables and seasonings into which the prepared meat is placed prior to cooking. The aim of this procedure is to tenderize the meat and enhance its color and flavor.

Makes: For ½ kg meat (10 portions).


— 1 liters red wine
— 1 dl oil
— 200 grams carrots
— 200 grams onion
— 150 grams celery
— 1 crushed clove of garlic
— 1 bay leaf
— 1 sprig thyme
— 15 grams parsley stalks
— 2 clove
— 20 peppercorns


(1) Place all the prepared ingredients into a non-aluminium basin.

(2) Place in the prepared meat, cover with greaseproof paper and allow to soak at a temperature of about 4°C for the prescribed time.

(1) It is advisable to turn the meat from time to time whilst it is marinating.

(2) The liquid and the vegetables and herbs are cooked with the meat and therefore replace those items listed in the following recipes.

(3) Once marinated the meat is removed and dried, the vegetables and herbs drained and the liquid added to the braised item at the same time as the stock.

Braised meats do not lend themselves to retention and reheating under traditional methods. Whenever possible they should be cooked for immediate use. If joints are carved in advance of requirements the meat may become dry very quickly, unless coated with either brown stock or the accompanying sauce.