Storage of Soup

Consommés, bouillons and roux-based soups should be reboiled after passing, cooled as quickly as possible and then stored in a refrigerator at 7-8°C.

Clear soups such as broths and those made with a stewed vegetable base and stock should be cooled as quickly as possible and stored in plastic, stainless steel or porcelain containers in the refrigerator.
Chilled and jellied soups must be kept in a refrigerator at 4°C until required. Jellied soup should not be stirred before serving as this will break up the set and may turn the soup cloudy.

Keep all hot soups in a proper bain-marie pot for the minimum period of time. It is important to use containers that will not cause deterioration, especially for soups containing liaisons. Stainless steel containers are the best for this purpose, but even so the quality of the soup kept in them will deteriorate if stored for any length of time as it will continue to evaporate thus causing it to condense and so develop a strong taste.

Veloutés or cream soups should not be retained for future use once the liaison has been added (unless it is intended to retain them as chilled soups) as reboiling will cause them to curdle.

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