Sausages And Chipolata Sausages


(1) Prick the sausages with a fork and arrange them on a slightly greased tray which will not buckle when placed under the grill. Do not place the sausages too closely together.

(2) Place them under the salamander grill at a moderate heat. Turn them with a palate knife as they begin to color to ensure even coloration on all sides until cooked.

(3) When cooked drain off immediately all excess fat in a colander and place them on a warm tray. Retain in a hot cupboard or bain-marie.

(1) Sausages to be grilled on an open grill may be blanched first in water, drained and dried and then grilled.

(2) Once slightly colored on all sides under the salamander grill they may be transferred to a moderately hot oven to complete their cooking.

(3) Sausages may also be shallow fried very gently in a little fat. They should be pricked first and turned as they colour with a palette knife.