Risotto, Northern Italian Rice Dish Cooked in a Broth

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 30 minutes.


— 75 grams butter
— 75 grams chopped onion
— 500 grams rice
— 1½ liters white stock (preferably chicken)
— 1 bay leaf
— seasoning


(1) Melt the butter in a deep sided pan. Add the onion and cook without coloration.
(2) Add the rice, incorporating it into the butter and onion for a few moments, but do not allow the onion to colour.
(3) Add the hot stock. Bring to the boil; add seasoning and bayleaf.
(4) Cover with a lid, stew, occasionally stirring with a wooden spoon.
(5) When cooked, remove the bayleaf.
(6) Season to taste, transfer to a clean receptacle and retain in a bain-marie covered with a lid.

(1) The ratio of stock to rice should be approximately three parts stock to one part rice.
(2) Do not use too large a bayleaf or it may make the risotto smell too strong.
(3) A bouquet garni may be added, but as the stock has already been prepared with one it should not be necessary.
(4) Another method of making risotto is as above, but adding the boiling stock gradually throughout the cooking process as it is
153 absorbed into the rice.
(5) To test if cooked squeeze between the fingers. Risotto rice should be soft and moist.
(6) Risotto may be completed by adding grated Parmesan cheese and knobs of butter when cooking has been completed.
(7) Always use a fork when attending to the rice once it has cooked.

Risotto may be stored in an earthenware container covered with grease-proof paper.

Risotto does not always reheat well, but the same method may be used as for reheating pilaf. Do not attempt to reheat rice to a depth of more than 5 cm.