Poached Supreme of COD in Cheese Sauce

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 10 minutes. Oven temperature: 175°C.


— 10 x 100 grams cod supremes
— 50 grams butter
— seasoning of salt and pepper
— 50 grams finely chopped shallots or onion
— 3 dl fish stock
— 1 dl dry white wine
— 8 dl cheese sauce
— 50 grams grated Parmesan cheese


(1) Lightly butter and season a shallow rimmed tray approximately 3 cm in depth.
(2) Place in the finely chopped shallots or onion.
(3) Lay in the prepared fish in a single layer only.
(4) Add the cold fish stock and white wine just to cover the fish.
(5) Place a lightly buttered piece of grease-proof paper on top.
(6) Shallow poach in the oven at the correct temperature for approximately 10 minutes.
(7) Remove the suprêmes, retain them in an earthenware dish with a little cooking liquid, cover and keep warm.
(8) Make the mornay sauce as outlined in 6.15.
(9) Arrange the well drained and trimmed fish in a service dish on a little of the sauce.
(10) Place the fish under a salamander grill for a few moments to remove any surface moisture.
(11) Coat the fish evenly with the sauce.
(12) Sprinkle the surface of the coated fish with finely grated Parmesan cheese and melted butter.
(13) Lightly gratinate under a salamander grill.