Poached Egg with Spinach

Place a poached egg on a bed of leaf spinach lightly heated in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper from the mill. Coat with Sauce Mornay, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and melted butter and lightly gratinate under a salamander grill.

Serve in a porcelain egg dish the size of an individual portion on an underdish with a dish paper.

Assessment of the completed dish

(1) The eggs should appear evenly glazed on the surface to a light golden colour.
(2) The shape of the egg should be easily discernible under the sauce. The eggs should be evenly and lightly coated with no sign of the spinach forming the base of the dish.
(3) There should be no water around the edges from the spinach.
(4) The eggs should be oval, similar in shape to a tablespoon. All loose pieces of white should be removed. When pierced, the yolk should be runny and the white firm and white.
(5) The spinach should be green, moist and well seasoned.
(6) The sauce mornay should be smooth and of the right consistency to mask the egg.