Poached Chicken with Supreme Sauce

Makes: 12 portions. Cooking time: ½ hours.


— 3 x 1½ kg Poached Young Fowl
— 6 dl Sauce Suprême
— 600 grams Savory Rice


(1) Remove the string and skin from the chickens and carve into portions.

(2) Neatly arrange the chicken in an entrée type dish and coat with the sauce. Serve accompanied by a dish of savoury rice.

(1) Once carved the chicken may be held in a shallow sided receptacle covered with some of the strained cooking liquid and retained in a hotplate or bain-marie.

(2) The chicken may be served whole in which case the string and skin is removed and the chicken coated with the sauce. The rice is served separately.

(3) The chicken may be carved and served neatly arranged on the rice and before being coated with the sauce.

(4) A reduction of some of the cooking liquid together with button mushroom trimmings and a piece of celery added to the sauce will enhance its flavor.

Assessment of the completed dish

(1) The leg and thigh portions should be neatly concealed under the wing and the breast portions should follow the general shape of the dish.

(2) Each piece of chicken should be coated with some of the sauce with only the outline discernible.

(3) No part of the meat should be exposed. It should be covered with the sauce.

(4) The skin of the chicken should always be removed when serving.

(5) The chicken wings should be free from bone with the exception of the wing bone joint and extending bone which should be cut off at an angle. All excess, pieces of chicken should be removed leaving a full shaped wing with all the gristle removed from underneath.

(6) The breast should be carved into two identically shaped pieces.

(7) The thigh and drumstick should have the bone and tendons removed and be reshaped.

(8) The sauce should be a rich ivory color with an apparent sheen. It should be thick enough to coat the chicken without masking its shape. It should be smooth and velvety in texture and seasoned to bring out the full but delicate flavor of the chicken.