Pan or Griddle Fried Eggs

Butter, bacon fat or oil can be used to fry eggs. There are two basic approaches to frying eggs depending on how the cooked egg is required to look. Follow Method I below if the white is to be bubbly, lightly colored and crisp on the outer fringe. Use Method 2 below if the white is to be smooth and perfectly white without any crispness.

Method 1:

Break the eggs into the fat and shallow fry, basting the egg with some of the fat until cooked to the right degree. Crispness is obtained by control of the heat of the fat.

Method 2:

Shallow fry the eggs, preferably one at a time, in an omelette pan, cooking them slowly and basting from time to time until the egg is set.

Eggs fried on a griddle plate are generally cooked in an egg ring which is similar in type but much smaller than a flan ring. They should be griddled on a surface of fat.

When serving fried eggs, remove them from the fat with an egg slice and allow all excess fat to drain back into the pan. It is advisable to serve them directly onto a plate as contact with a metal tray once they are cooked will turn the eggs black or grey. Always serve them as soon as possible as they quickly dry out and deteriorate.

Description of the completed egg:
(1) The yolk should be in the centre of the white indicating that the egg is not old.
(2) The white and yolk should be set to the desired degree.