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With one big exception, which is why I decided to return it – the coffee never got hot enough. We tried several pots over the first few days, and even let it sit, after the first brew, for a while thinking it might get hotter from the warming plate, and it never produced anything other than “meh” despite the promising steam. That first sip has to be hot for us, or it’s just not satisfying. It’s kind of the temperature of a french press that has sort a little too long before pouring up. We did compare it with our regular coffee maker – same size cup same amount of half and half – and this definitely came up markedly short. Taste was fine – just not hot enough.

Otherwise I really liked this – seemed good quality,and it has some nice touches. The drawer pulls out slightly when you open the door oven door (helping prevent burns), there is a tray that can sit on the rack or fit higher up for a fast broil. The griddle is generous and easy enough to lift up and clean, and the lid is a nice heavy glass with a top cool touch knob. Has a button to release the filter. And the water basket comes out, as well as and looks easy to keep clean. I like the arrangement of the toaster elements – the two on top can either be full on or just one on so that you can have a cooler part of the griddle (kind of reminiscent of cooking with a grill you can put some items that need higher heat on the front, like sausage, and put eggs on the back). Things might take a smidge longer to toast than our regular Breville (this was to be for our RV) but not so much a little learning curve wouldn’t accommodate.

The coffee pot was actually, for 4 cups more generous than I expected. So, two mugs and the filter basket seemed well made. The pot does require you to pour slowly or it will spill, and you need to hold the basket in well to do the trick where you pull it out mid-brew or it will dribble a little again. Think that was just a learning curve as well. Basket might be a little full with four scoops – we never did more than three/running three cups through.

Also because the upper element on “2” heats to toast that top griddle will get warm. Just something to keep in mind. Our closed toaster oven gets warm but not hot.

If you don’t need your coffee piping hot – and some people don’t – then definitely give it try. I noticed the red and blue toaster ovens by this same brand have a “lump” for where the filter goes (also didn’t look in the video like the tray pulls out with the door)…so maybe those have a different heating element…