How to Reheat Pastas Properly

Makes: 10 portions.


— 300-600 grams (i.e. lasagna, macaroni, noodles, ravioli and spaghetti)
— 100 grams butter
— 1 clove garlic (optional)
— 50 grams grated Parmesan cheese
— seasoning of salt and pepper


(1) Dip the cooked pasta, using a dipper, into boiling salted water for a few moments until heated through to the centre.
(2) Remove the pasta and allow all surplus water to drain away.
(3) Melt the butter in a shallow sided saucepan but do not let it colour. If desired, add the clove of garlic for a few moments in order to flavour the butter, then remove the clove.
(4) Add the drained pasta, stir in gently either with a fork if spaghetti or noodles or a service spoon if ravioli. Season with salt and pepper from the mill.
(5) Arrange the pasta in a pre-heated service dish and serve.