How to Prepare Chicken For Shallow Frying?

(1) Singe the bird and remove any feather pins with the tip of a small knife. Wipe clean with a cloth.

(2) Remove each leg by cutting around the skin to the ball and socket joint at the carcass bottom.

(3) Fold back the leg at the ball joint cutting through and taking off the leg.

(4) Cut through the center joint of the leg where the thigh bone and the drumstick meet thus separating the leg into two pieces. Cut away the end bones on each joint.

(5) Remove the winglets taking care to leave bare about 2–3 cm of bone attached to the breast. Bare the winglet bone cutting off just before the first bone.

(6) Cut along the length of the bird just each side of the breast bone leaving ample flesh on the breast bone to form another portion. Cut downwards in a straight line until making contact with the socket joint located close to the remaining exposed winglet bone. Cut through and remove.

(7) Chop the remaining carcass away leaving the breast which is then cut through at its center point dividing it into two equal pieces.

(8) The carcass may be divided into three equal pieces for inclusion when serving, having been cooked with the chicken pieces.