Fried Fillet of Sole French Style

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 4 minutes.


— 10 x 85 grams fillet of Sole
— ½ liter milk
— 250 grams seasoned flour
— 3 lemons
— sprigs of parsley


(1) Dip the prepared fish in milk and drain it well, then pass through the seasoned flour and shake off any surplus flour.
(2) Place the fish into the hot fat away from oneself.
(3) Fry until crisp and lightly golden, turning the fillets during cooking to ensure even cooking and coloration.
(4) Drain the fillets by placing them onto absorbent kitchen paper. Season with salt.
(5) Dress on a dish paper on a flat dish and garnish with lemon wedges and picked parsley.

(1) This method is generally applied only to thinner and smaller cuts and types of fish such as fillets and goujons. There is the danger of damaging the structure of larger pieces of fish during cooking as there is no thick protective coating such as a yeast batter.
(2) Once the fish is cooked deterioration is very rapid. It is therefore recommended wherever possible to ensure the fish is served with the least possible delay.
(3) This method also rapidly spoils the cooking oil as the flour falls into the oil and hastens its breakdown.