Fish Boiled in Court Bouillon

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 8-10 minutes.


— 5 liters water
— ½ liters vinegar
— 10 peppercorns
— 2 bay leaves
— 10 grams parsley stalks
— 150 grams onions cut into rings
— 150 grams grooved and sliced carrots
— 5 grams salt

Method ONE:

(1) Boil the court-bouillon preparation for 20 minutes, then skim.
(2) Place the prepared fish into the hot liquid and gently simmer.

This method is suitable for cuts of fish such as salmon steaks, wings of skate and trout.

Method TWO:

(1) Cover the whole fish, the fillets or sections of salmon with a raw court-bouillon (i.e. the ingredients listed before any cooking takes place).
(2) Bring to the boil, skim and allow to simmer gently for:
— whole salmon – 10 mins
— sections of salmon – 10 mins
— fillets of salmon – 5 mins
(3) Remove from the stove and permit the fish to cool completely in the liquid, preferably for 12 hours and in a refrigerator.

This method is suitable for whole fish such as salmon and fillets or cross-sections of salmon.