Eggs Cooked in Butter Recipe


(1) Heat a little butter in an egg dish and lightly season it with salt and pepper.
(2) Break in the eggs, allowing one or two per portion.
(3) Allow the egg to cook on the side of the cooker until the white has set then flash finish it under a salamander grill for a few seconds until the yolk is also set.

This method is sometimes referred to as baking in which case the egg, once lightly set, is placed in a moderate oven until set.

Serve in a porcelain dish on an underdish with a dish paper.

Description of the completed dish:
(1) The egg should be cooked to the desired degree.
(2) The yolk should be in the center of the white and the dish.
(3) The garnish should be strategically placed to show off the dish to maximum visual effect.