Different Types of Salad Dressings and Their Recipes

There are quite a number of different salad dressings in use, the most popular being mayonnaise and french dressing (also known as vinaigrette). Salad cream is less expensive form of mayonnaise but is really only suitable for binding combination salads. Other dressings – some of which are really only variations of mayonnaise and french dressing – include acidulated cream, mustard, roquefort and thousand island. Some salads are first treated with french dressing and then bound with mayonnaise.

Acidulated Cream Dressing:
Mix one part lemon juice into five parts lightly whipped cream seasoned with salt and pepper.

French Dressing: (makes; 1 liter)
3 dl vinegar
10g salt
pepper from the mill
5g French mustard (optional)
7 dl oil
5g chopped herbs (parsley, tarragon, chervil, chives)

1. Put the vinegar, oil, salt and pepper (and mustard if used) into a basin. Gently mix with a whisk until it form an emulsion.
2. Add the chopped herbs.

French dressing for calf’s head or feet and poultry salads:
Prepare french dressing adding 10g finely chopped onions or shallots, 10g finely diced capers and 8g finely diced anchovy fillets.

Mustard Dressing: (1 liter)
20g English mustard
5 dl French Dressing
3 dl Mayonnaise
2 dl cream

Mix all ingredients together well until smooth.

Roquefort Dressing:
Mash 100g roquefort cheese with a fork in a basin. Gradually add 3 dl French Dressing, mixing continuously until all the cheese is incorporated into the dressing.

Thousand Island Dressing: (1 liter)
a few drops of tabasco
10g salt
pepper from the mill
2 dl vinegar
8 dl oil
100g red pimento, peeled and chopped
100g green pimento, peeled and chopped
25g chopped parsley
3 sieved hard-boiled eggs

1. Putt the tabasco, salt, pepper and vinegar into a basin and whisk.
2. Add the oil and continue to whisk while adding the remaining ingredients.