Cream of Cauliflower Soup Recipe

Makes: 2 liters. Cooking time: 90 mins.


— 120 grams butter
— 120 grams flour
— 2½ liters white chicken stock
— 1 kg cauliflower
— seasoning of salt and pepper
— 2 dl cream
— 50 grams butter


(1) Melt the butter in a pan.
(2) Add the flour, cook to a second stage roux and allow to cool.
(3) Add the white stock and allow to simmer
(4) Set aside 100 g of florets of cauliflower for garnishing, blanch the remainder, add to the soup and season.
(5) Cook the florets of cauliflower in salted water, refresh and retain in a basin of cold water until required.
(6) When the soup has cooked for about 1 hour test that the cauliflower is done.
(7) Pass through a fine sieve, soup machine or liquidiser.
(8) Reboil, correct the seasoning, consistency, and season to taste; add the florets of cauliflower.
(9) Finish the soup with the cream and butter.

This soup may also be served as Velouté Dubarry by finishing with the appropriate liaison of egg yolks, cream and butter.