Boiled Gammon

Makes: 6 kg. Cooking time: 3 hours.


— 6 kg prepared gammon


(1) Soak the gammon in cold water for 12 hours. Pour off the liquid it has been soaked in and wash the gammon in fresh cold water.

(2) Place the gammon into a deep sided saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil and skim thoroughly. Gently simmer for the prescribed time.

(3) When cooked, retain the gammon in the liquid until the liquid is cold and leave for 12 hours. However, if the gammon is to be served hot it may be used immediately.

To test if cooked;
If the gammon has been simmered continuously for the correct length of time it should be cooked. When the joint is cooked the mustard bone can be easily and cleanly removed and the meat can be pierced with a needle at its thickest point without using pressure.

It may be served boiled with Pease Pudding, in which case it is sliced and served with some of the cooking liquid and garnished with the pease pudding.