Yorkshire Pudding Stuffing for Turkey or Chicken

Makes: 10 portions. Oven temperature: 220 °C. Cooking time: 30 minutes.


— 225 grams soft flour
— 5 grams salt
— 2 eggs
— 4 dl milk
— ½ dl water
— 2 dl beef dripping


(1) Sieve the flour and salt into a basin.

(2) Whisk together the eggs and milk.

(3) Add the beaten eggs and milk to the flour and whisk to a smooth texture. Add the water to bring the consistency of the batter to that of single cream.

(4) Strain through a conical strainer into a clean basin and allow the batter mixture to stand for one hour in a cool area in order to permit the mixture to relax.

(5) Heat the dripping in 10 individual moulds or two 15 cm frying pans.

(6) Pour in the batter mixture in equal amounts into the moulds. As the dripping begins to smoke, place into the oven to bake until it has risen, is crisp and golden.

Although this batter is a little thicker than pancake batter it is similar in every other way.