Vols Au Vent; turbot, scampi, lobster recipe

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 30 minutes.


— 10 Vols Au Vent cases
— 250 grams turbots cut into goujons
— 250 grams scampi cut into sections
— 200 grams unsalted butter
— 10 small lobster claws
— 20 small button mushrooms
— 1 dl pernod
— few drops tabasco
— 3 dl cream
— seasoning


(1) Season and lightly fry the strips of turbot and scampi in two separate non-stick frying pans.
(2) Combine the two, add the lobster claws and button mushrooms and allow to heat through for a few moments.
(3) Transfer the fish to a receptacle and keep warm.
(4) Drain off the surplus fat. Add the pernod, tabasco and cream, boil and reduce until it forms a coating consistency.
(5) Add the turbot, scampi, lobster and mushrooms to the sauce, followed by the sliced poached scallops at the last moment. Season to taste.
(6) Place the warm pastry cases onto a suitably sized plate. Fill to overflowing, replace with the pastry cap and serve.