Vegetable Salad Recipe, (also Russian Salad) – Salade Russe

150 g carrots (cut into 5 mm dice)
75 g turnips (cut into 5 mm dice)
75 g french beans, cut into small diamonds
75 g peas
8 dl Mayonnaise
seasoning of salt and pepper

1. Cook all vegetables separately in boiling salted water until nutty and firm yet cooked.
2. Drain immediately and allow to cool completely.
3. Cohere with mayonnaise and season to taste.

Present in the shape of a dome along the length of a ravier.

Assessment of the completed dish:
1. The consistency of the mayonnaise should be just right to bind lightly the main ingredients.
2. The decoration should be in direct proportion to the anticipated number of servings and the size of the dish; the shape of the salad should be enhance the overall presentation.
3. There should be a balanced ratio of vegetables. All the vegetables should be neatly and evenly cut to size. They should be lightly impregnated with flavor from the mayonnaise to a degree that enhances the full flavor of every item included in the dish.