Turtle Soup Recipe

Turtle soup is a slightly thickened consommé flavored with an infusion of turtle herbs and garnished with small dice of turtle flesh. It is invariably served accompanied with cheese straws.

Makes: 2 liters. Cooking time: 45 minutes.


— 2 liters Basic Consommé
— 10 grams diluted arrowroot
— 1 pack turtle herbs
— 1 dl dry sherry or madeira
— 100 grams turtle flesh (canned if necessary)
— seasoning of salt and pepper


(1) Boil the consommé. Slightly thicken with diluted arrowroot and skim.
(2) Infuse the turtle herbs separately in a little consommé, then add to the main bulk.
(3) Pass through a muslin as for consommé.
(4) Complete with the wine. (Some may be retained for adding when the soup is served.)
(5) Add the garnish of canned turtle flesh cut into small squares.

(1) The quality of the finished soup will depend on the quality of the foundation consommé.
(2) The arrowroot must be diluted in cold water before adding.
(3) The consommé must be boiling when the arrowroot is added or lumps will occur.
(4) The correct degree of thickness is only slightly oily so that it covers the back of a spoon with a thin layer.
(5) The infusion of herbs must not be prolonged or the soup may become bitter and the flavours distorted.