Tomato Concassee Recipe

Makes: Preparation for a variety of uses. Cooking time: 10 minutes.


— 50 grams chopped shallots or onion
— 50 grams butter
— 500 grams peeled and pipped tomatoes cut into dice
— 1 sprig thyme
— 1 bay leaf
— 1 clove crushed garlic (optional)
— salt and pepper


(1) Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the chopped shallots or onion and cook without coloring.

(2) Add the diced tomato, cover with a lid and stew for a few moments. Add the remainder of the ingredients and complete cooking for the prescribed time.

(1) Tomato concassée preparation is used in the production of many other dishes such as Tomato Omelette, Spaghetti Napolitaine and Suprême of Cod Dugléré.

(2) For future use, transfer the tomato concassée preparation to a porcelain, stainless steel or plastic basin and allow to cool. Cover with cling film and keep in a refrigerator at 8°C.