Jun 05

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The ‘Sport Low’ sneaker features PU coated leather upper and poly mesh for
style and breathability.
Speed lacing system allows for quick and easy adjustability and a customized fit
with Sportlow shoes
Padded tongue and collar offers added comfort for immediate wear.
Mesh lining helps wick away moisture for a healthy foot environment.


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7 Responses to “Sport Low – MBT Walking Sneakers”

  1. Donna Says:

    MBT review – Overall, I am very satisfied with my MBTs. They are great for walking or on my feet all day. The only time they are not comfortable is when I’m sitting or driving for a while. Standing is fine; walking is great. I feel like the muscles in my legs are getting more of a workout and getting toned. I plan to order another pair soon in another color as I wear them to work everyday and need other colors to go with lighter color pants for spring and summer.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Weird but who cares – I thought for sure I was getting ripped off but after wearing these shoes for work (I’m on my feet for 10+ hours a day–Respiratory Therapist Charge Tech) I was ever-so-thankful to have spent the money! I have feet trouble and have spent hundreds of dollars on different shoes–from Danskos to Birkenstocks–these are the best I’ve found!! You will NOT regret it… I totally don’t!

  3. Gail Says:

    Well worth the price – Great for my low back. I had heard from my chiropractor that several of his sciatic problem patients were using these shoes with good success. When I looked them up, I balked at the price. I decided to try them in spite of the cost, and I’m glad I did. I don’t use them to workout in. I find it’s too easy to fall off the stair climber with them on, but I do wear them to work and on errands. Not too thrilled about the look, but they are very comfortable and fun to wear. I think they could be best described as “bouncy”. I initially found them very unstable, but I can now wear them several days in a row without having any problems. These shoes have a narrow heel and a wide toe box. It’s great for my toes which have spread from a regular yoga practice. The shoes also seem to be helping my sciatic pain problem. I’ve also noticed that my core seems to be tighter. Regular use of these shoes seems to be positively affecting both my yoga practice and rock climbing. So far, I’ve owned the shoes for 6 months. They seem to be in fairly good condition, although I have been noticing some wear and tear around the foam part of the sole towards the heel. Overall, I am very pleased with this shoe.

  4. Karen Says:

    Workout by just walking! I do a pretty intense hill walk daily. It had actually gotten pretty easy … until I added this shoe into the mix. I had absolutely no problem adjusting to these shoes … there is not that much difference in sole height. You will find that you walk with a more rolling gait and that all of the muscles in your legs get a bit more of a stretch as you go about your normal walking routine. And that hill I climb, well lets just say I could feel it in my hamstrings a bit! They are very comfortable and I wear them for casual activities with jeans quite regularly … they ran on the large size with ample room in the toe box compared to the Lifestyle model which slopes downward onto your toes. As this runs a bit large, I have been wearing with really thick socks and have enjoyed thoroughly!

  5. Sue Says:

    Work your buns without extra effort – These shoes are amazing. I suffered from lower back pain before starting to wear these — no pain now. And I get a workout, especially in my buttock area just by walking around. I have 2 pairs & wear the white ones to volunteer at the hospital pushing wheelchairs — an average of 4 miles per shift!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Great MBT’s Sport Low shoe – MBT is very comfortable but it does require time to adjust to it. The style is neat and cute. I am not sure yet if it really will help me to loose weight or not but it definitely seem to help to avoid foot pain and back pain.

  7. Jana Reubenbaum Says:

    There is absolutely nothing low about this shoe — the sole, the price or the performance!!

    For me too this has really helped my posture. back ache and has nicely shaped my buttocks area as well — I just love these shoes!!

    I have done a lot of research especially before I got my first pair… how silly to call this the low to try to confuse people (or sell more shoes — who knows)… when this is the anatomically correct sole height for 97% of the mbts.

    I like to wear black so I have the Sport Black and also The Sport Black High (yes that is higher) and The Vector; both of which I had to get in different sizes. I don’t notice much difference at all between the regular on and the higher one — i just like the different look sometimes depending on what i am wearing…

    When I ordered my first pair it took forever for me to get the right size and a lot of back-and-forth shipping (not at my cost!) Now I go to FeetFirstFitness where I get professionally fitted and consulted… and can get a lot of no nonsense information… it seems that all the MBTs run a little bit differently… on this site you can send in a tracing of your feet and they tell you exactly which size and which model they recommend for your feet!!!!

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