Jun 04

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The ‘Sport High’ sneaker
features PU coated leather upper for easy care and durability.
Perforated, EVA insole provides added cushioning with antibacterial treatment to
reduce odor.
PU midsole with pivot is the balancing section underneath the metatarsus which
requires an active rolling movement with every step.
Mesh lining helps wick away moisture for a healthy foot environment.


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4 Responses to “Sport High – MBT”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Love them! I work in a hospital lab and am on my feet a lot. My legs don’t get tired and if I could afford it I would buy another pair to wear off of work. Not in the budget at the moment but I love them.

  2. Sylvia Says:

    Great Posture! I couldn’t live without my MBT’s! They keep me head high, shoulders back and back straight as a board. I love them. I ordered White, I absolutely love them. They are great for walking, however I find that running on the treadmill is not suitable for this shoe. I use Adidas for extremes sports. But, the MBT’s are worth every penny spent for they truly come through on body posture and tons of relief! Buy them and enjoy them :)

  3. Debbie Says:

    Great Shoes – These are wonderful shoes. I felt muscles in the back of my leg up to my tush. They are wonderful walking shoes.

  4. Dana Says:

    Perfect – I have severe plantar fasciitis and purchasing this shoe ends the pain completely. MBT is practically all I wear any more (except to a wedding). MBT is also good for my posture and back. I suggest anybody who wants to consider MBT shoes research MBT thoroughly. Unfortunately, I can’t get all MBT models at Zappos yet, but hopefully this is coming soon. This is important, because for some reason, I wear different MBT shoe sizes in different styles.

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