Sep 20

I am a huge fan of Rockport brand. I have been purchasing their shoes for many years and I have grown quiet fond of them. The styling of most of their styles is simple, but they serve the main purpose of footwear, being comfortable and practical. In fact I bought them for all of my family members when I was going for a trip to Europe and they were every bit excellent in terms of support and comfort. My dad is an old man, and walks with the help of cane, I got him this particular style named Rockport Northfield shoes, and he just loved them every bit and wears them every day now.

I am going to briefly review it here, as focus on some of its main features and why its the best option to choose from. Below is the picture of this shoe which I and my father adore:


As you can clearly see its just a simple casual shoe, but it does look like a dress footwear too and it can be easily worn at offices too. I am planing on getting those for myself too. The sole is extra grippy as you can see in the below tread on the sole:

It has rubber outsole which provides extra flexibility, durability and helps you walk efficiently. To draw moisture away it uses napa leather lining resulting in happy and healthy foot. It has a lace up design and fully cushioned collar. To keep your feet dry in wet conditions it speical waterproofing technology called waterproofing. It is a perfect oxford for everyone.

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