Jun 05

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The ‘M.Walk’ sneaker features combo synthetic leather and poly mesh upper for
both breathable and durable wear.
Padded tongue and collar offers added comfort for immediate wear.
Mesh lining helps wick away moisture for a healthy foot environment.


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5 Responses to “MBT M Walk – MWALK”

  1. Jackie Says:

    A really great walk! MBT’s M Walk is a wonderful pair of shoes to take long walks in or for just run around doing errands. These shoes really take a lot of pressure off the lower back and force you to stand correctly which makes you feel much better. They also look kind of cool, not too orthopedic. I had heard they run a little short and snug so I just ordered up one full size and it is perfect. They even come with a video that shows you how to walk in them.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Lov’n my MBT’s – These shoes are great! At first they rubbed my heels after each walk, so I ended up wearing them every evening around the house to really break them in. Now I have zero problems going on a 1 1/2 hour walk! I can definitely feel my posture improving as well as the little muscles in my legs. MBT’s are not the most fashionable…but I love the look of my green/grey/black M Walk’s. The M Walk style seems to run small, I normally wear a 10 running shoe and I had to order a 10.5. Overall the shoes are great…You’ve got to try them out!

  3. Invt Says:

    I am on my feet a good 12-15 hours a day. At the end of the day my feet are killing me. I was looking for a shoe to help relieve the pain. I’ve had these shoes a few weeks now, and I’m still hurting. I can’t blame it on the shoe, as they are more comfortable than anything I’ve previously owned. Maybe when you spend this much time on your feet there isn’t anything that’s going to help you. They do take a little getting used to. I actually love the look of the shoe. I have the green ones and the first thing I heard out of my teenage daughter was, “Where did you get those awesome shoes?” I certainly do feel more definition in my calf muscles. While these shoes are more comfortable than most, I can’t say that I agree with all the hype about them. The only thing that’s going to make you lose weight is diet and exercise; these are not miracle fat burners. As for the price, while I do love the shoe, I can’t say as it was worth the amount that I paid for them. For this much money, I expected more.

  4. Sherry F Says:

    Anonymous from LA. Great idea and certainly worth a try…unfortunately I can’t give as thorough a review as I’d like because I haven’t been able to wear them consistently for two reasons…very narrow toe box that squishes and they heat up pretty quickly. I did feel a definite shift in the way I held myself and certain muscles get used more. Also there was improvement in knee and lower back, but the size runs really snug, so I had to get a 9 instead of my usual 7.5 or 8 and again, the toe box is just too narrow, for me anyway. So I’m giving them to a friend and hopefully they’ll work for her. I’d try them again in a heartbeat if they designed a fuller toe area.

  5. Carolyn B Says:

    Great shoe – I was not sure about spending so much for a shoe. I have had foot and back problems from standing at work. I will buy more!!! For the comfort. I now take walks with my little dog and I could not do that before. They take a little getting used to, so take it slow a first and watch the DVD. P.S. I’m a shoe lover from way back, MBT may not be cute, but boy do they feel good!!!

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