Jun 05

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MBT® is the first physiological footwear that has a positive effect on the
whole body.
The ‘Kisumu’ sandal features PU coated leather upper for easy care and
Triple strap adjustability allows for a customized fit.
Stretch lining conforms to your feet for breathably soft wear.


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8 Responses to “MBT Kisumu Sandals”

  1. Patti Says:

    What a difference – Purchased for my spouse who has endured (suffered) lower back pain for some time. Was skeptical about purchasing MBT’s because of price and a review suggesting Earth shoe provides same benefit. We both purchased a pair of Earth shoes and the MBT shoe for my spouse. We both find Earth shoes “very comfortable” and they do result in a much better gait. My better half finds the MBT shoe to not only direct a better gait, but has all but eliminated the lower back pain. BTW: The web page pictures of the MBT shoe does not do it justice. It’s actually an attractive shoe.

  2. Brenham Says:

    I REALLY have to wear this shoe – I have dreadful back problems and am on my feet all day. These shoes REALLY make it possible. They take a little getting used to wearing. They also are great for exercising your calves and improving posture. These shoes are very therapeutic. I also am frequently asked about where I got the shoes because they are attractive as well.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Heavenly Shoes – I bought these shoes in Honolulu in Brown (I wanted black) but I had heel pain. They were comfortable from the beginning. I did take it slow and now wear them all day. I turned my brown into house shoes and bought these for outside. These are a newer version and have an elastic sleeve around the toe. I have a wide foot but they seem to give. For a really wide foot I would stick with the brown. I love these shoes and being overweight these have changed my life. I walk straighter and without so much pain. I ordered them on a Friday night and received them Monday morning. Zappos you are amazing as I live in Hawaii. Mahalo nui loa!

  4. Connie Says:

    Best Shoe on the planet! The MBT Kisumu is by far the most comfortable shoe on this earth! Before MBT, standing and walking plain out hurt. Now, my pain is relieved, posture better and walking is a pleasure.

  5. Faith E Says:

    Wonderful shoe for plantar fasciitis – I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis in my right foot for over six months and this is the only shoe I can wear without pain and I can actually walk without limping. I was concerned about the appearance but that quickly goes away when you realize how comfortable they are. I love all the adjustable straps. Another feature of this shoe is how it really works the muscles all the up the back of your legs. I was skeptical but it really does seem to be toning my legs. They’re great shoes!

  6. AM S Says:

    Great for FUSED TOE – I have had 2 foot surgeries on the same foot. The last surgery resulted in a fused big toe, which meant that I couldn’t bend my big toe. This made walking extremely difficut and since I walked 3+ miles per day – THAT was a problem. I thought my walking and exercise days were over. Thanks to MBT and the fact that they roll – but don’t bend at the front of the shoe – I can walk all day long without a problem. The biggest issue I encounter is that the fabric of the shoe insole makes my tender feet hurt and I have to wear socks. The black fabric is hot in Florida weather. I can’t wait until they make this black shoe with suede in the insole like the brown ones! I gave the overall comfort a 4 because of the insole. The outside of the shoes are rather cheap looking and could be trimmed with leather – for the price! I will continue to buy them because I can walk all day long without foot pain! Hurrah for MBT!

  7. Liz Says:

    Love my MBT’s! I have had my MBT’s for over a year now. I live in them. I wear socks in the winter and adjust the velcro. I have back, knee, and foot problems. Since I have had these, the pain has been reduced and at times none at all! Never thought that was possible. Highly recommend these for everyday. You won’t regret it a bit.

  8. Kathy Says:

    Old fat lady with bad feet – If only these shoes weren’t so UGLY!! But, I get over that when I wear them. I did Disney all day and into the night and my feet did not hurt. My problem is that my pain is under my third toe in the ball of my foot. This shoe puts the weight on the arch and on the heel so there was no pressure on the sore spots. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was tired after all day walking but my feet were not sore. I will buy another pair someday but I wish they weren’t so ugly!!

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