Jun 05

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The ‘Kisumu’ sandal features waxed leather upper for easy care and
Triple strap adjustability allows for a customized fit.
Microfiber lining helps wick away moisture for a healthy foot environment.
Perforated, EVA insole provides added cushioning with antibacterial treatment to
reduce odor.


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12 Responses to “MBT Kisumu Sandals – Brown Waxed Leather”

  1. Marie Says:

    Kisumu is the new version of the MBT Sandal – Ladies, I have two older pairs of the MBT sandals and the Kisumu is the “new improved” version. Not only does this fit better for feminine feet, but also the shape around the toes is more oval and flattering. I’m so relieved MBT is making more female shapes and steering away from the unisex sizes which in my opinion hinder the Ladies’ Fit. Walk On!

  2. From Florida Says:

    Gave me my life back – I have now worn these shoes for 6 months, and have nothing but rave reviews for them. Before, I walked with a painful limp, and every step was miserable (arthritis and torn tendons). My quality of life was NOT good. Then I got these shoes, and everything is different. I never had a break-in period. They took away the pain immediately, and as long as I wear them, I am pain free. If I don’t, the pain comes back in maybe half a day. The doctors tell me my foot can never be fixed, but at least I have a more normal life now. I tried 3 different sets of custom orthotics (some more expensive than these shoes) and got minimal pain relief. These are the closest thing to magic I can imagine.

  3. Marci Says:

    Great sandal – Love this sandal, am buying a second pair after 3 years. Zappos is great, free shipping, and wonderful customer service.

  4. From Virginia Says:

    Odd Sandal, but Lots of Fun – I don’t know anything about the health benefits of this sandal, walking with the natives in Africa, or providing exercise. I do know that this sandal is lots of fun to take a walk in. It is different, almost like a woman’s platform shoes (1 and 1/2 inches high). When standing still you can rock back and forth in them because the sole arches up in the front and back. One has to learn to walk in them. Overall, not a dull sandal and lots of fun to wear out in town.

  5. Manny Says:

    MBT Kisumu – The shoe is remarkable and exceeded my expectations. No more back problems. Great posture. Look forward to long walks since it also provides me with a great workout on my legs and back. IT IS INVIGORATING! And the customer service provided by Zappos it is outstanding! They go out of their way to help you with the entire purchase process. Buying shoes online can be intimidating–Zappos makes it fun! Looking forward to my next purchase of MBT’s! Thanks!

  6. Cyn Says:

    The quest ends… For years I have been on a quest for the perfect shoe… I am on my feet all day and do a lot of walking on the job- have tried Birks, Dansko‚Äôs, you name it- but these shoes left me energized at the end of a 14 hour day, which is a first. I have really narrow (4A) feet, so my only regret is that they are not available in a narrow size, but they worked pretty well after I padded the straps. I will buy these in other styles despite the cost- they are worth it.

  7. Jessica M Says:

    2nd pair of MBTs – For long periods of walking, I find the full MBT shoes to be better, but the sandals are great and I wear them for running errands, sometimes even at work. I usually wear a 9M, the shoes were perfect in a 40 with socks, the sandals are 39 & 2/3rds. Perfect size also.

  8. MA Says:

    My 2nd pair of MBT Kisumu’s – I purchased my first pair of MBT sandals approx. 3 years ago. I wore them constantly, definitely feeling the results in my leg muscles. Unfortunately the right shoe started to fall apart. The sole of the shoe cracked in half and came away from the upper part of the shoe and the rubber on the toe tore away. I don’t think I was particularly abusive to this shoe; I’ve had tennis shoes last longer… I really love the MBT sandals, so I had to bite the bullet, spend the big bucks and purchase another pair. I certainly hope these last longer, I can’t afford anymore.

  9. Diane Says:

    Finally…Style, Comfort and Support in a Sandal!! I have these shoes in the regular design that I wear for work and love them…I couldn’t wait for the sandal version to come out. I love these for casual wear and they are the most comfortable shoe ever. I don’t need to wear my orthodics anymore, and I know I’m getting the extra benefits of the barefoot technology that has improved my muscle tone and posture. I get a lot of compliments on them because they look good too.

  10. Utah Says:

    Greatest Walking Sandal + Greatest Service – I purchased the MBT Kisumu sandal for a Mediterranean holiday that involved a lot of walking. I already own the athletic sneaker–which I love. The sandals are the most comfortable shoes your feet will ever experience. You can walk many miles for many hours over smooth or rough terrain and your feet and legs will be happy, energetic, and ready for more. MBT shoes make your feet feel like Ferraris. Special Note: I ordered the MBT Kisumu sandals from ZAPPOS late one evening and was wearing them the following afternoon–and I live in the Rocky Mountains. ZAPPOS provides the best service of any online company I have dealt with!

  11. Mbts Says:

    Takes a bit of practice to walk smoothly, but the feel good is worth it!! The video included was a help, too.

  12. Moody Says:

    I didn’t really want to buy these because of the price. I also take a slightly wider shoe size. I took a chance anyway and they fit perfectly. I’m totally convinced. OK, I had to learn to balance myself properly on these, but it was worth it. Wearing regular shoes (for work) is a letdown. Fortunately I can wear sneakers to work, I’m getting those next. If they are half as comfortable as these sandals, they are worth it.

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