Jun 05

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Padded tongue and collar offers added comfort for immediate wear.
Mesh lining helps wick away moisture for a healthy foot environment.


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5 Responses to “MBT Flame”

  1. Criss Says:

    LOVE MBTS!!! This is a great shoe, not made to be on your feet for more than a couple of hours straight though. For on you feet wear of two or more hours, I would not recommend the sport high. But I highly recommend you get the sport low or one of their other styles, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!

  2. Dr D Says:

    Great piece of technology! I have been enjoying these shoes; they give my legs a total workout. They are not very fashionable, so I can only wear them in jeans, but the benefit outweighs the looks! I have all my patients interested and they are all getting them! My staff is acquiring some too! Great job!

  3. Yvette Says:

    Good walking workout – This sneaker definitely works different leg muscles when worn. I felt soreness in my thigh muscles after wearing them once. I feel these sneakers are good for long walks outside, but I wouldn’t wear them all day…used to Birkenstocks and find them too confining for all day use.

  4. Alis Says:

    These sneakers feel great. My legs felt the extra workout the next day. My only issue would be that since my feet have a slight natural turnout, these sneakers tend to make the feet roll into the inner arch. I have to really work at keeping my step from rolling in. The size, although stated, “Has a snug fit so go larger;” the fit is true to size. Overall, this is a great product for giving your legs, rear, and even abs an extra workout boost.

  5. Kris Says:

    Great fit and helped my husband’s feet! These were for my husband, who started to develop heel pain. Both his parents suggested MBT. These shoes have helped alleviate his pain within days. He loves these shoes and also got a pair of the MBT Milano. These are expensive, but well worth the price since they have helped his feet get better and the pain has gone away.

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