Jun 05

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This activates a large number of stabilizing muscles throughout the whole
body when walking or standing.
Masai Sensor (Masai Barefoot Technology®) creates a pleasant feeling of walking
on a sandy beach or soft moss.


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3 Responses to “MBT Fire”

  1. Sadia Says:

    My back doesn’t hurt anymore. This is a great shoe. I have various foot problems and I work 10 hour days on my feet. I used to leave the house looking normal in the morning and come home 11 hours later looking like a 90 year old crippled person (I’m 54). My back hurt so bad, I couldn’t stand up straight. Since wearing these sandals my back feels great and I still have energy to go for a walk after work. My only wish is that the company would make MBT’s in a C or D width. The sandal is adjustable so it is fine, but I would love to buy the closed athletic shoe. I have a bad ankle and bunions on both feet, since it only comes in one width I have to wear an ankle brace with my sandal on bad days. If it came in wide it would be perfect, and I could buy the other style MBT’s.

  2. Leilani Says:

    Great sandal – This is the coolest shoe ever. A bit strange at first because it feels like you are standing on your arch. Has great support. Love the rocker feel when you walk.

  3. John B Says:

    Helped me go shoeless – My left knee pain keeps me from walking my 2 mile trail on ASICS which used to help but no more. The MBT sandal makes you roll your foot and stabilizes the knee. The references to Masai barefoot gave me the idea to walk the trail barefoot. The trail is dirt and gravel and it took me several weeks before I could go around 2 miles. I had to stop during the Texas winter but I’m back at it. I still like the MBT’s for walking elsewhere except for the lining. It’s a rough coarse fabric which stinks before days end. I scrub the inside with water and a laundry brush but still a problem. I have Teva sandals with leather lining I have never washed. Ditto with worn out Birkenstock sandals. Ignore foot stink and the MBT’s do relieve my knees and exercise the legs.

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