Jun 05

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MBT states this shoe runs 1/2 size small so you may want to order larger.
For instance, if you wear a size 38 1/3 (US 8), you may want to choose a size 39
(US 8.5).
MBT is the first physiological footwear that has a positive effect on the whole


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5 Responses to “MBT Boost (Leather)”

  1. Madison Says:

    THE shoe for bad knees – I have very bad knees (getting knee replacement this month). These shoes have kept me at work. The sole helps relieve the pressure off the knee. Take time to break them in – because you will be using muscles you never used before, up the back of your legs and you will feel it! I own three pairs now and they are all I wear. The only reason I marked them 4 stars is because the toe is slightly narrower on this style than some of the other MBT styles. Would not work for someone who truly needs a wide shoe.

  2. Dorothy Says:

    Feel Great – They are very well made. You can feel the “pull” in your thighs when you walk. They are so comfortable. I now have two pair of MBT’s and so glad I found out about them. They are truly superb!

  3. Jcm Says:

    Love them knee savers – I have had several knee surgeries over the past several years and I have had chronic knee pain for years. I also recently began having hip issues. Almost all of my symptoms have subsided and I am running again…THANK YOU…I would highly recommend these to any one who stand a lot during the day or experiences leg pain of any sort.

  4. Comforty Says:

    Cute athletic shoe – Fit was perfect – I usually wear a 61/2 – 7 and I ordered the 7 because of comments from other reviewers about MBT shoes. Shoe is heavier than standard athletic shoe. I found it easy to walk in from the first day. I just use them for exercise, not for a daily shoe. I like the color/style for exercise.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Masai Boost – I just got these shoes, and they are SOO pretty. The colors are vibrant (deep rich cranberry/burgundy rather than a true red). I have had a pair of the casuals in black for over 2 1/2 years. These are a little less room in the toe box than my original pair. I had to get a 1/2 size larger than what I typically wear. You will probably be sore after the first time you wear them for distance walking. I walked my usual 2.5 miles, and I found muscles I hadn’t used in years! Quite sore. I also found that you don’t have to walk as fast or as long to get the same benefit as with regular shoes. Try them – they are GREAT!!!

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