Jun 05

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Garissa’ is a hybrid mary jane from MBT® with a fashionable approach and
feminine details.
Two-tone nubuck uppers feature stitch detail and lovely floral embossing for
added style.
Elasticized instep band and speed lacing system with toggle closure combines
easy adjustability with secure wear.


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4 Responses to “Garissa MBT”

  1. Looka Says:

    Finally! Sandals without orthotics or foot pain – I recently purchased the MBT sandal after I bought the MBT walking shoe. For years I have looked for a casual sandal that I could wear that would either accommodate my orthotic OR not make my feet hurt because of Plantar Fasciitis and while I have had surgery on one foot, I still require the use of orthotics. The sandals did require a bit of getting used to and I noticed a definite improvement in my posture and stride. I highly recommend them. The sandals, unlike the walkers seemed true to size, the arch support was good and I have worn them with jeans and with slacks to work. Zappos is great to work with and their customer service is second to none!

  2. darkangel Says:

    Why cant I buy these anywhere?? They are advertising them, but not selling. ??????????????????????

  3. Melvin Oakley Says:

    My sis can’t stand those shoes, nevertheless I’ve got to admit I sort of like the look of them

  4. Tracey Kumar Says:

    Now I’m a bit of a shoe nut myself, I believe that’s why I’d completely REALLY LIKE a pair just like those!

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