Apr 25

I do not know about you, But I think the world most comfortable shoes are Merrell Intercept. I came across these shoes when I was looking for a shoe 3 years back, I was generally browsing a shop for shoes, when I glanced upon then, they looked very cute and sporty. I wore them and right away felt its comfortable, Now I could understand what walking on Clouds meant. For anyone who think they have worn the most comfortable style and have not tried this one, then they are wrong. I highly recommend it to each and everyone. Go for it, you will love it. It was also ranked the most comfy shoe in 2009.

Feb 06

I have been wearing this as well as other styles of Birkenstocks for over 27 years. The Arizona style has been a great informal standby. I am just replacing 2 pairs that I bought in 2000! Now that’s long lasting quality!In regular shoes I’m a size 6.5 or 7 medium, I find the 36 L5 size fits me best. The only problem I have with the shoes is that I had to have additional holes punched in the straps to make them fit snug enough. Though I love Birkenstock Sandals As the shoes age and the leather stretches, as with my previous pairs, I’ll have to again have additional holes punched and the straps trimmed to accommodate the adjustment so the straps don’t touch the ground. A shoe repair shop can do this for a small charge. The durability and comfort of the shoe is worth it.

Jan 20

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Dec 24

In the year 1953, when many brand were emerging among the hundreds to offer comfortable yet stylish footwear, Kork Ease shoes were one shining star among all, they offer wide variety of styles from shoes to boots to sandals for women only, They have mastered the art of manufacturing footwear in accordance to the shape of a woman feet which can offer maximum comfort, even walking in their sandals which look extremely trendy and stylish will feel comfortable. If you believe that these are just the words, then we highly recommend you search for reviews for Kork Ease or go to Kaite Wedge. To help you we ourselves have compiled a list of reviews taken from trusted footwear merchants online and listed at the end of this article. You are sure to find many happy customers willing to make another purchase for this brand. Show Details »

Dec 21

I bought Frye anna boots and I love them. A high-quality, good-looking boot – Very nice quality, as it should be for the price. Extremely comfy at rest, with a roomy toe box. My toes hit the front, though, when walking – not sure if I’d want to walk great distances in them. So glad Frye is beginning to offer large womens’ sizes!
Another review says. Fit differently that the Classic – I normally wear a 7.5 or an eight so I ordered the 7, like my classic talls….and these were too small. Like I read in a prior review, for those that have a high arch these are little tougher to get into. Read this article: Frye Footwear Company Detailed , if you want a glimpse of what this brand have to offer, also you will learn about a little history of this brand.

Dec 09

We have recently added new article about footwear brand Naot, which is recently become very popular among women, They feature a large number of styles including shoes, boots, clogs, mary janes and more. Read this article Naot Shoes Feature Rich Craft Quality, you find about this amazing brand that started in 1942, and how it has become successful.

Sep 07

I am a 70 year old diabetic and I have to wear special inserts in my shoes- My Stability walkers inserts come out easily, allowing me to put in my custom made inserts. Show Details »