Feb 06

I have been wearing this as well as other styles of Birkenstocks for over 27 years. The Arizona style has been a great informal standby. I am just replacing 2 pairs that I bought in 2000! Now that’s long lasting quality!In regular shoes I’m a size 6.5 or 7 medium, I find the 36 L5 size fits me best. The only problem I have with the shoes is that I had to have additional holes punched in the straps to make them fit snug enough. Though I love Birkenstock Sandals As the shoes age and the leather stretches, as with my previous pairs, I’ll have to again have additional holes punched and the straps trimmed to accommodate the adjustment so the straps don’t touch the ground. A shoe repair shop can do this for a small charge. The durability and comfort of the shoe is worth it.

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