Sep 07

I am a 70 year old diabetic and I have to wear special inserts in my shoes- My Stability walkers inserts come out easily, allowing me to put in my custom made inserts. Wearing my walkers is like walking on firm air. They are great for seniors on the go, and they give me good foot support. I’ve tried all the other brands Nike, NB, Dr. S, but the Propet Stabilty walkers wear the best, plus they last. I’ve even wore my brace with them and they work great. At the end of the day when I take them off, my feet still feel good. I don’t have that “oh am I glad to get these off” feeling. I’ve recommended them to all my friends. You can’t rate Propet Tahoe sandals any higher than recommending them to your friends. I wear them all the time. I have 2 different colors, for all occasions.

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