Steak And Kidney Pudding (Raw Filling)

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 3-4 hours.


— 1½ kg Steak Pie Filling
— 1 kg Suet Paste


(1) Line 3 greased medium sized pudding basins with suet paste rolled out 3 mm thick.

(2) Add the raw filling. Dampen the rim of the paste with water, place on a top layer of paste and seal it.

(3) Cover the top of the pudding with greaseproof paper and a cloth and tie with string, or cover with kitchen foil folded under the rim of the basin.

(4) Steam the pudding in the pressure steamer for the required length of time.

Steamed items made with suet paste are not suitable for prolonged retention or holding before or after cooking, nor should they be reheated. Such handling has an adverse effect on the quality of the pastry.

The pudding may be served whole in the basin in which it has been cooked providing it is cleaned of all cooking stains and surrounded with a clean napkin. It should be placed on a round flat dish with a dish paper.

Assessment of the completed dish

(1) The surface of the suet pastry should be white and fresh looking with no wetness caused through undercooking or incorrect sealing of the pudding. A dark pastry is an indication of prolonged cooking or holding once cooked. It should be a light aerated pastry that is tender and soft to eat.

(2) The filling should be similar to that for Baked Pie but the different method of cooking does give a quite different result.