Sliced Button Mushrooms

Makes: 10 portions as a garnish. Cooking time: 5-8 minutes.


— 250 grams sliced button mushrooms
— 1 dl water
— ½ juice of lemon
— 25 grams butter
— 3 grams salt


Method Place the mushrooms, water, lemon juice, butter and salt into a saucepan. Cover with a lid and gently simmer until cooked.

(1) Mushrooms cooked in this manner are generally used for garnishing such items as omelettes and fish dishes and also as part of other garnishes.

(2) For future use transfer the mushrooms to a porcelain or plastic basin and allow to cool. Cover with cling film and keep in a refrigerator at 8°C.

(3) Reheat in the liquid in which they were previously cooked (this rule generally applies to the turned mushrooms).

(4) Some chefs prefer to boil turned mushrooms in a blanc.

(5) Once cooked mushrooms become rather rubbery in texture and prolonged cooking will not alter this characteristic. Indeed, it is not the intention to alter this quality by cooking them for long periods.