Skate with Black Butter

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 8 minutes.


— 10 x 100 grams skate wing pieces
— 5 liters court bouillon
— 100 grams capers
— 150 grams butter
— ΒΌ dl vinegar
— 5 grams chopped parsley


(1) Place the prepared pieces of skate into the simmering court-bouillon and allow to cook.

(2) Remove from the cooking liquid and drain.
(3) Dress on an earthenware dish, sprinkled with the capers.

(4) Place the butter into a pre-heated omelette pan and cook until light brown in color. Remove to the side of the stove, add the vinegar and the chopped parsley and pour over the portions of boiled skate immediately.