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Propet Shoes is Brand for Walking People


There are many brands which specializes in particular category. For example if you are looking for best running shoes, New Balance will always flash into mind, as they are renowned for their best quality and comfortable running styles. Similarly there is a brand which you may already be well aware of. Itís a brand which can offer you extreme comfort and support which you always dream about. Propet is brand for walking people. They founded their business with sing goal which was to offer shoes which are best supportive when walking. Their walkers became very famous immediately and by time they have become one of the most famous brands under this niche.

Forget breaking in when you come to Propet shoes, they do not require any. Their styles are comfortable right out of the box. Their products are similarly priced to other brands in the market, while keeping their mission intact, true value product. Since 1985 they have expanded and have been very successful internationally. Today they operate hundreds of shoe outlets worldwide.

Propet have really gone one step ahead and encourages their customers to walk more than a 1000 miles in their shoes, they are very confident about the quality of footwear they produce, therefore they do offer guarantee for a thousand mile. This really pushes them ahead in the competition. There are more than five hundred styles to choose from currently with new styles rolling in frequently.

They have expanded their inventory and now offers many other styles like boots, clogs, mules etc. Stability Walker is one of their most popular style recommended by many customers. No matter for what purpose you are looking them for, they will work. Like if you are going for vacations and require you lot of walking, then you should not be looking elsewhere. Its even famous among workers who require standing or walking a lot at their job, for example teachers and nurses.

We will be giving a glimpse of what their styles offers, but due to limited space we can not review them all. You can read reviews for all of them at our featured website.

Propet Stability Walker features EVA footbed, heel stabilizer, nylon lining and dozens more.
Propet Tour Shoes.
Propet Breeze Sandals

Below we have featured reviews from customers who have already purchased styles from this brand and want to share their experience.

Some days I'm behind a desk, but some days I'm on my feet all day at work. I appreciate the heel stabilization, but if you don't get it tied tightly enough, your feet do wobble in them. They have decent arch support and are staying relatively clean. They spot wipe well and are a good width for my foot. I would consider buying them again, but I do prefer having support around my ankles, which these do not. For me, the trade off of heel support in lieu of ankle support wasn't a good decision.

This shoe literally changed my life...I sometimes have 14-15 hour days on my feet and I have arthritis in my knees. I would have paid any amount for a comfortable shoe that would support. What I found with the stability walker was just that for a VERY resaonable price. I was apprehensive to buy a shoe online wear you can't try it on but I've never had to return any shoe from Propet. My back pain is relieved, my knee pain is less and the best part is my feet are pain free for the first time in years! I am beginning to try other variety's. My wish is that I could wear my stability walkers with EVERYTHING, including dresses. I honestly will plan what I am going to wear around those shoes because they get me through the day and that is priceless. I will even wear them with my bathrobe when I am having a bad arthritic flare just for the relief they provide. I cannot recommend these shoes highly enough. Try will not be disappointed. I will never buy another everyday shoe.

I have worn Anna Mule for years. I am constantly looking for the best price using several different sites. For this purchase I was offered a discount and ordered the shoes. I was very satisfied with the whole experience and plan to order again if given the right price.

I really like these shoes for comfort and looks. I have a thick foot, not so much wide, as "thick." These are great walking shoes, and great for work or anything that involves standing. I have ordered several pairs of these in various colors, but the black always keep a nicer appearance. I will order another pair when I wear these out! Propet is the way to go for women with a wider (whatever) foot!

The shoe is really well made for walking. It's wide base makes it ideal for people who need more stability (like me). It also looks much better than a gym shoe. I bought a wide and a half size up to fit my orthotics because of a recent foot problem. I usually wear a medium. The price is so reasonable compared to many other shoes. I have a narrow heel and the shoe fit perfect. That means if you have a wide heel the wide will probably be too narrow for you. This is a stiff shoe and there is not a lot of cushion in this shoe.

I work in a fast paced hospital environment, andI have tried wearing these shoes three times since their arrival. Each time my feet hurt terribly around the toes, the balls of my feet, and across the bridge of my foot. I had far better luck with the previous brand (which was not available in my size at the time of purchase). I will probably wait for shoes in the other brand to become available in my size and chalk this pair up to experience.

This is my third pair of Propets. My first two were slip-ons, one in black and one white. I liked them for everyday wear and going through airport security. I needed a pair of lace-up shoes for tennis, walking, and other activities and immediatly thought of Propets. I saw the ones I wanted, ordered them and as soon as they got to me I tried them on. I was not disappointed at all. The fit for the slip-ons you should get 1/2 size smaller than your "true" foot size, but the lace-ups are true to size. They are comfortable and have a nice cushioning effect. The stability of the shoe is unbeatable in support, as needed. Propet is a name you can trust to give you a shoe that's comfortable and sturdy. The price compares with any popular named shoe and is worth it. My only hope is that Propet's sales go up, but not the price, and the quality continues to be top rate.

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