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Frye, The Oldest Running Brand in United States for Boots


This article will first explain how, when and where Frye boots company initialized its corporation. You will also find information on some of their styles which are currently in fashion or are among the most popular. At the end of the article you will find reviews from their customers who have recently purchased their items from either brick or mortar store or an online retailer.

Frye is one of the oldest brand around, Back in 1863 it was first found by person named John A. Frye, He was a local cobbler who lived in England. Not just globally, but its also one of the oldest running shoe brand in United States as well. Their products have had a long, illustrious history. Soldiers in the Civil War and the Spanish American War wore their boots. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders wore them, as did pioneers and cowboys who tamed and settled the Wild West. The Harness and Campus Boots in Frye’s current line are direct descendents of these early styles. Friday Boots offer large collection of products from this particular footwear brand where you can find hundreds of styles and reviews.

During World War II, thousands of American servicemen ordered Frye Wellingtons, known as Jet Boots. Even General Patton himself wore them. In the 1960’s, They reintroduced the Campus Boot. With its bulky toe and chunky heel, it became a symbol of the attitude and style of the 60’s and 70’s. In 1975 the Frye Company donated a pair of CAMPUS™ boots to the Smithsonian Institution, in our nation's capital, as a representation of the era. In 1975 the Frye Company donated a pair of CAMPUS™ boots to the Smithsonian Institution, in our nation's capital, as a representation of the era. Frye’s timeless styles have been featured in key domestic and international fashion publications. In addition, Their boots have been favorites of many American celebrities, from Jacqueline Kennedy to N’Sync. Accordingly, the FRYE trademark, after almost 150 years of continuous use, is a famous trademark in the footwear industry and entitled to the broadest scope of protection. Many of their footwear products are sold with the FF Design trademark embossed or affixed. Further, all footwear boxes and hangtags bear the logo of this company.



If you would like to know what does customers of this brand have to say about them, then continue reading the reviews posted below:

I bought a pair of these and beyond love them. With a little bit of suede protector you can take these any where and they always get compliments. I would agree with one other reviewer who says to not size up. I am normally a 6.5 to a 7 and the 6 fit great. Just unlace the boot all the way the first time you get them and they should fit fine.

Great Boot! Fantastic service from online footwear retailer Zappos, and extremely fast delivery! These Anna Cuff boots from Frye is super comfy and very stylish- I have only worn them a few times and have received many compliments. I haven't worn them in very cold weather yet, so don't know how they will perform, but I'm hoping they will keep my feet warm during outdoor hockey games in northern MN. This boot is pretty true to size - I normally wear an 8 and I ordered an 8. The fit is great, but I also plan to wear them with socks, not barefoot as is recommended.

LOOOOVE THEM! Wow, Anna Pumps are absolutely gorgeous! I wear them about everyday and they are unbelievable. They fit to my foot nicely, and of course they are so gosh darn amazing. I love the sheep’s skin, it’s so soft, keeps my foot very warm on my long winter days and in a school that is freezing. I have nothing bad to say about these shoes.

My feet never looked so cute! I've been looking for CUTE warm winter boots for a few weeks now. I always thought Frye were just the plain original ugly boot...I had no idea they actually made cute ones! These are so warm and so comfy. The size felt perfect to me. The generous circumference is nice as well (easy to tuck in those jeans and show them off!). I actually DID own a pair of the original style boots. I bought them solely for warmth. I just got rid of them and they lasted me 10 years! I would definitely recommend these. Adorable and worth the price!

Finally, a bootie I will wear - I've been hearing for years that they are “the” boot to have - comfortable like no other boot, really great for cold weather, etc. I never invested, though, because I couldn't stand the look of them or how they were worn (seriously, please stop wearing your styles with miniskirts…it's just awful). Anyway, the Upside caught my eye one day and after some encouragement, I tried them on. I fell in love immediately! Had to wait for my birthday to own them, but it was worth it. Thank you to life saver brand for finally making a more attractive, but equally comfortable boot.

Disappointed - To some degree, and my fault, I find the boots uncomfortable. I ordered a size larger than what I normally wear because I have very high arches. Getting them on was a bit of a struggle. Also, I must not have read that they were leather outers. I was hoping for the softer outer. My left foot is very uncomfortable in them. This won't keep me from ordering again. I will just have to be more careful in reading the boot/shoe descriptions. I have a pair of their Shoes and love them. These are my first pair of their boots and I totally love them! They keep my feet so comfortable and warm. I wear a 9.5 and got a 9. They fit pretty well and after some wear, the inside will become roomier. I also recommend to buy some suede guard for these.

I luv them  - This is my third pair of freaking bootzies. They are always comfortable. But my upside are the most stylish ones that I own. They run a little bit smaller, than the minis are the ultra tall. You do not need to wear any socks with the upside. But they are great. I feel they were a great purchase The side laces are a bit of a pain they come untied a lot.

Awesome - I just received my boots and they are SO cute! Online review on sizing was very helpful (said to go up a size and they fit perfectly) and the boots came wicked fast. I can't wait to wear them at the ski lodge this winter!

Great looking boot but so disappointing. These do not fit my very high arch feet! I could not get them on my feet! After trying these on, I did go to the store & found some--tried them on in the next size up--I could get them on, but still not very comfortable with high arches! The ultimate short styles are much better for high arch feet. They are great! I would recommend Ariel sandals. I have had them for many years & love to wear them without socks!! They are nice & warm & feet do not sweat!!

Disappointing - I love Frye boots and my daughter and I both own a pair. These, I thought, would be a prettier version of our classics, but I found them VERY uncomfortable and stiff. I did not like the ties down the sides, and they seem to come undone easy. I love them, and Zappos helped me return these free of charge - great service! They are just not the "prettier" and still comfortable boot I was hoping for.


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