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Birkenstock Founded by Margot Fraser


30 years ago the founder of Margot Fraser has a dream of sharing the ultimate comfort and health benefits of Birkenstock shoes and from where this company began working. Before thinking about this concept and few years before the inauguration of this company she visited German Resort and tried her first pair and the result was simply amazing and extremely impressive as the felt really good. This Birkenstock family has become the shoe makers for about 225 years now. They have spent more than two centuries of creating and perfecting a tradition of extremely comfortable walking shoe.  

Birki's was founded in the early 90's by Stephan Birkenstock. Comfort is the goal of making these sandals and to create stylish sandals. All these sandals are manufactured in Germany using environmentally-friendly processes and proven craftsmanship.  


  • To make sure that end, all Birkenstock share some important and common features which makes there product outstanding. These important elements are as follows:

  • An orthopedic foot bed has been provided. It follows the contours of the foot and provides support when you are walking. Depending on the model and its intended use these foot bed are made from a lightweight resilient cork/blend and washable water-based polyurethane.

  • The good arch support system-this ensures even weight distribution and also reduces foot and leg muscle fatigue.

  • Deep Heel cups- this keep the foot's natural padding directly under the heel bone and where it provides the most comfort zone just as Mother Nature Intended.

  • They have Raised toe bar- this feature encourages the gripping motion of your toes and exercising your legs and improving circulation. The poor circulation contributes significantly to the muscle fatigue which means that you will get maximum comfort even while walking slow.

  • EVA Sole- the sole is made up of EVA which are very lightweight and made from ethyle vinyl acetate to be tough enough for long wear, but they are extremely flexible for comfortable. They are also shock absorbent. They provide extreme support to your feet. They mold with your feet and provides great comfort.

They are made up for all men and women around the globe and provide maximum comfort. Now girls can walk with style and comfort with these amazing shoes. they are available in many colors and designs. No matter you are sober or stylish, simple or funky every one will get something good in this brand. A huge variety is also available for the men around the whole world who are seeking for both style and comfort. So what ever your demands are this brand is going to fulfill all.


Start your child off on the right foot with Birkenstock kids shoes and Birki's kids shoes. Children need footwear which are good for their growing feet. The kids shoes by this brand mirrors the natural shape of the foot which offers excellent support. there are many design of kids shoes which can also be purchased in adult version.

Lagre portion of these shoes are completely repairable and renewable which reduces the potential for tons of waster to be dumped in landfills each year.  A perfect brand overall.

Following are the reviews submitted by Brikenstock customers on different online restialers:

I love my Birko flor footwear, but I did need to return the first pair because they were too wide. I do not normally take a narrow shoe, but I needed narrow for the brand. I also went 1 size up since I didn't want to grow out of them too soon!! I absolutely love Boston Sandals. This is my second pair of birkibuc's and I probably waited too long to order them. My previous pair had lasted 5 years, and were well worn. Shoebuy was fast, efficient, and easy to use.

I LOVE these shoes. They have made a difference in the amount of walking that I am able to do. Since my feet don't hurt, I spend a lot more time walking. I have trouble wearing a lot of shoes, but not these. Right out of the box they were a perfect fit. I have never owned a true pair of Birkenstocks until now. I'm going to Mexico City soon and wanted to be sure I had sturdy, comfortable sandals for walking in the warm climate, so, I finally decided to try the real thing! I've been wearing them off and on with socks, but it's finally warm enough to go sans socks. My toes feel so free! Please take the time to gradually break them in over several days before you decide you don't like them. They will feel very stiff at first, but will gradually become more comfortable to your foot.

I have problems with my feet and like this shoe for its comfortable fit and ease of getting on and off. The only thing I do not like is the texture of the foot-bed against my bare feet.I bought this shoe to replace a pair that I had worn for more than 10 years and look really bad. I have several pair of shoes and like them for fact that they wear well and remain comfortable no matter how old they are. I wear them almost everywhere including church.

This is my first pair of shoe and I'm very impressed with the comfort. I ordered this style because it was one recommended for people with plantar fasciitis; I have this problem with my right foot. These shoes provide support that relieves that pain when walking. It has taken me 3-4 weeks to become accustomed to the feel of this brand, but overall, I like them. The only problem that I have noticed with this style is that the outer edge of the sole -- just anterior to the heel cup on both shoe -- is significantly raised and puts pressure on my feet; my feet are sore in those areas after wearing the shoes for 3-4 hours.

I judged the size based on a pair of Birkie clogs I'd bought a year ago: the same size, but the footbed on these is slightly longer. The width is perfect. My only complaint is that apparently Birkenstock feels that wide feet are also "fat" or thick as opposed to my wide but *flat* feet; the straps on each shoe are both tightened up to the very first buckle hole, and it's just barely enough to comfortably hold them on my feet when I don't have thick socks on. (Yes, I often wear socks with my sandals; I am in Alaska, after all.) This means the straps protrude about 1/2 to 3/4" past the outside edge of the shoe, but since I only bought them to wear around the house it is not too awkward. A bit clunky-looking, but then I expected that. :)

I have never been disappointed with them. I used to buy them in Europe when the dollar was stronger then I found that they were too expensive and I was delighted to find this web site where I can still afford this great manufacturer's products. The sandals provides the right support, they are comfortable, they are leather and made in Germany. I am delighted to know I can purchase a product that is the real thing and not a copy from China. I bought these sandals because I heard so many people say how comfortable they were and how they were "great for your feet". All the reviews I read seemed to agree. When I inintially put them on my impression was that they were very stiff and hard. On the plus side, they do have great arch support. I know some people have to wear them a while to break them in, I guess I am still breaking mine in. They have become a little more comfortable, but the leather between the toes is almost too much and after walking an hour it begins to hurt. I'm hoping these will turn out to be as comfortable as all the reviews say but so far I can't totally agree.

I wore my first pair to death! These are the first pair of shoes I've ever worn out. If you've never worn them before the toe piece may take some getting use to. Otherwise they are very comfortable. Especially once the cork has softened after a couple of wears. I had to buy a new, 2nd pair in silver. I have them in black and red patent. I really like these sandals...can you tell? I am normally a size 9, so I bought these in a size 40 the first time. There was too much room around the toe area for my taste. Therefore, I prefer the 39 which I believe is an 8.

I had always heard positive things about Birkenstock outlet, but I had no idea what I was in store for when they arrived at my door. As a person who has grown accustomed to tired feet after wearing regular flip flops, I was pleasantly surprised by how great my feet felt while and after wearing these shoes. I felt they were true to size and width, gave great support, and seemed almost unaffected by mud, rain or anything else I could throw at them. All and all, they are great shoes. Oh, and their modern and stylish look didn't hurt either. Buy these or any other pair of Birkenstocks and you'll never look back.

I've been wearing birks exclusively since I started high school, and still wear them every day to college. I have gone through 3 pairs. 2 Suede and 1 Nubuck. The suedes are perfect when they are fully broken in at around 2 months but if you have hairy feet like I do it may yank on them. The suede also looks really dirty after a while. I got the cheaper ones last time to save money and they worked out great. Will try leather next. I walk several miles daily in them and buy new ones once every 15 months.


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