Poulet Saute Hongroise, Chicken

Makes: 12 portions. Cooking time: 1 hour.


— 3 x 1½ kg jointed chicken sauteed
— 2 dl melted butter or oil
— 500 grams chopped onion
— 50 grams paprika
— 50 grams flour
— 20 grams tomato puree
— 2 liters white stock
— 200 grams peeled, pipped and diced tomato
— 2 dl cream
— 500 grams savory rice
— 150 grams tomato concassee
— seasoning


(1) Add the chopped onions to the pan in which the chicken was sautéed and gently cook for a few moments without coloring.

(2) Add the paprika, flour and tomato purée and stir in with a wooden spatula. Add the stock and allow to simmer for approximately 10 minutes. Add the tomato concassée, boil and gently simmer until the sauce is of a light coating consistency.

(3) Add the cream to the sauce, season to taste, and replace the chicken.

(4) Serve the chicken in an earthenware dish with a border of savory rice mixed with tomato concassée.