Nut Brown Butter Sauce for Fish Serving


— 100 grams butter
— ¼ juice of lemon

Method 1:

(1) Heat the pan.
(2) Add knobs of butter shaking the pan continuously until the butter froths and turns a light nut brown color.

(1) An omelette pan is ideal for making nut brown butter.
(2) It should not be made until the very last moment when the item has actually been placed on the service dish.
(3) The preparation of nut brown butter takes very little time provided the pan is hot (but not so hot that the butter melts and burns within a few seconds). It should be remembered that it is an important part of the dish and therefore requires as much care in its making as the main part of the dish.
(4) Do not attempt to produce a nut brown butter in a tin-lined or aluminium pan.

Method 2:

At the point when the butter begins to color lemon juice and chopped parsley may be added. This will result in a distinctively flavored butter plus a lightly blanched parsley garnish.

Method 3:

Knobs of butter may be added to Jus Lié. The jus lié should be of a light consistency to enable the sauce to flow easily, light brown in color and only lightly seasoned. It may also include the appropriate garnish.

Method 3 is used by some establishments to reduce significantly food costs.