Noodle Paste Cooking Method

This paste is used in the making of a number of farinaceous items such as Canneloni and Ravioli. It is made with strong flour with the addition of seasoning, egg, olive oil and water, and once prepared should be allowed to rest before further use. It is rolled very thinly and should almost be transparent when ready to use.

Unlike other pastes it is poached in boiling water, and because of its rather bland flavour is served with a variety of savoury fillings and sauces.


(sieve together)
— 800 grams strong flour
— salt
— nutmeg
(mix together)
— 4 yolks of eggs
— eggs
— 1 cl oil, preferably olive oil
— 1½ dl water


(1) Sieve the flour, salt and nutmeg into a basin. Make a bay in the centre and add the previously mixed eggs, oil and water.
(2) Mix all the ingredients together to form a firm smooth dough.
(3) Cover with a damp cloth and allow to rest for approximately 45 minutes before using.
(4) The paste may either be rolled mechanically or with a rolling pin to the required thickness and cut to the appropriate shape as detailed above.

Various other ingredients may also be added to give flavor and color. The most common are extra egg yolks to give a yellow tint, spinach to give a green tint and tomato powder to give a red tint.