Mock Turtle Soup

Makes: 2 liters. Cooking time: 1½ hours.


— 100 grams dripping
— 120 grams flour
— 30 grams tomato puree
— 2½ liters brown stok
— 200 grams onion
— 200 grams carrots
— 100 grams celery
— ½ boned calf’s head
— 1 packet turtle herbs
— 1 dl dry sherry


(1) Heat the dripping; add the flour and cook to a third stage roux. Add the tomato purée and allow to cool.
(2) Add the hot brown stock a little at a time, mixing well to prevent lumps forming.
(3) Lightly fry and colour the vegetables, drain and add to the soup; add the boned calf’s head and permit the soup to simmer gently for the prescribed time, skimming the soup as necessary.
(4) Infuse the turtle herbs with some of the brown stock.
(5) When the calf’s head is cooked, remove from the soup, cool and cut into small dice. Retain in stock until required for garnishing the soup at the point of service.
(6) Pass the soup through a fine strainer with the aid of a ladle; reboil, skim and add the infusion of turtle herbs, sherry and diced calf’s head.
(7) Correct the seasoning, color, flavoring and consistency.