Lobster Newburg Recipe, invented by Ben Wenberg

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 45 minutes.


— 5 x 750 grams live lobsters
— 75 grams butter
— ½ dl brandy
— 1½ dl marsala, madeira or dry sherry
— 6 egg yolks
— 7 dl cream
— seasoning


(1) Prepare the lobsters. Cut the tail into thick slices on the slant and leave the claw whole.
(2) Melt the butter in a shallow sided pan. Add the lobster pieces and gently reheat.
(3) Add the brandy and flambé.
(4) Add the wine and reduce by half.
(5) Add the liaison. Allow the sauce to thicken gently by shaking the pan but do not allow it to boil.
(6) Test for seasoning.
(7) Arrange neatly in the warmed timbale.

(1) This dish may be served with Riz Pilaff separately in a dish.
(2) Scampi may be used in place of lobster to make Scampi Newburg.