How to Properly Boil Lobster

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 20 minutes.


— 10 x 750 grams live lobster
— court bouillon


(1) Plunge the live lobster into plenty of boiling court-bouillon and boil for 20 minutes.
(2) When cooked leave to cool completely in the liquid.
(3) When completely cold remove the claws by gently twisting where they join the body.
(4) Remove the claw end and the pincer. Stand the claw on its end and using a large knife enter the shell part of the claw with a light chopping action. Do not cut through the claw flesh. By twisting the knife the claw will part into two pieces leaving the flesh inside whole.
(5) Using the natural line along the length of the body as a guide, insert the point of a large knife where the head joins and with a downward movement cut through the head towards the antennae. Turn the lobster around and repeat the action from the tail end. The lobster should then fall into two equal halves.
(6) Remove the sac which is situated at the top of the head from each half using a small knife, then remove the black trail that runs the length of each half.
(7) Remove the body flesh with the fingers, gently easing it out of the shell.
(8) Wash the shell and usable flesh under cold running water.

(1) Lobsters that are dead before cooking become waterlogged; the loss of flesh and flavor is significant.
(2) When cut open the flesh should be white, moist and full of flavour.