How to Prepare Chicken for Suprêmes?

(1) Remove each leg by cutting around the skin to the ball and socket joint at the carcass bottom.

(2) Fold back the leg at the ball joint cutting between and taking off the leg.

(3) Expose the wishbone by scraping around the bone with a knife. Remove the wishbone completely taking care not to cut away the surrounding flesh.

(4) Remove the winglets taking care to leave bare about 2–3 cm of bone attached to the breast.

(5) Cut along each side of the breast bone down and between the wing joint. Cut through and remove the suprêmes by laying the carcass on its side and gently pulling the carcass free.

(6) Remove the fillet from the back of each suprême and remove the tendon from each.

(7) Make an incision along the length of the back of the suprême and place the fillet just inside. Trim off any surplus from the suprêmes and form them into a neat shape.